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Finalist 2014 Wedding Photographers’ Contest

I am going to boast a little because I became a finalist of the Canon’s international “Wedding Photographers Contest”. Below you can read a message which I have received yesterday from Eric Young, the team’s leader.

Parampapamam, pochwalę się 😉 zostałem finalistą międzynarodowego konkursu Canona ‚Wedding Photographers Contest’. Poniżej wiadomość, którą otrzymałem wczoraj od Erica Younga szefa team’u

„Hello, Marcin!

It feels like we started the Wedding Photographers’ Contest at just a week ago.
Three months passed so fast!
And we are so happy that you joined us and shared your beautiful photos with the world.

It was a hard competition. So many great photographers.

And you made it to the short list!

This is a big deal, because 2600 photographers competed with you!

How does it feel being one of the best wedding photographers in the world? 🙂

Ok. Now it’s time to behold the winners of the Wedding Photographers’ Contest!

Here are the best photographers with the highest score:

And if you’ve read this message to this point and didn’t run away to see the results…

We have a special badge for you!

Because you are a finalist of Wedding Photographers’ Contest! Ta-daa!


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